Captains Courageous

Captains Courageous 2

eBook written by Rudyard Kipling

The eBook “Captains Courageous” is an electronic version of Rudyard Kipling's novel which he wrote in 1897. The story is about the adventures of a 15 year old boy named Harvey Cheyne Jr, who is a spoiled arrogant kid of a railroad big shot.

The original material was intended to be a series in McClure's story also by the same author who started in 1896. “Captains Courageous” contains the author's personal experiences which he turned into fiction.

The exposures that he had in India and in the Middle East are also evident in the novel “Captains Courageous”. The book's popularity led to three film varieties which were released in 1937, 1977 and a television movie directed by Michael Anderson which starred Robert Urich in 1996.

The influences of “Captains Courageous” even led to written adaptations like “The Billion Dollar Boy” by Charles Sheffield and another movie called “Cabin Boy”.

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